Theft of information or unsecured access to that information could end up costing millions of dollars in damages to your clients and your business. Don’t risk losing the trust of your customers or even your livelihood by leaving your sensitive data and records vulnerable to compromise. Contact A.C. White today, and let one of our Data Storage Specialists create a custom solution for your business.

Secure, Reliable Atlanta Data Storage & Management

You’ve taken great care to earn the trust of your customers, and they expect you to protect their privacy. Don’t jeopardize your reputation with inferior records management. At A.C. White, we offer innovative solutions to make sure that your data and records are secure and accessible at a price that makes sense for your business. Whether you simply need secure document storage, or a complete records management program, A.C. White has a solution that meets your needs.

The Next Level in Data & Record Storage in Atlanta

Many companies still have a large amount of paper or computer files that are not integrated into a relational database. A.C. White has a solution for these “unstructured records”.  We specialize in business archives and records management systems that now include state-of-the-art image scanning and document imaging for your critical records. Let A.C. White move your data and records into the digital world. Contact your nearest A.C. White location to talk with a data storage specialist.

Secure Digital Media Storage

Keeping back-up data stored in the same location as the source data defeats the purpose. You need a safe, secure location that will protect your data from loss. Our media vaults are fireproof, temperature and humidity controlled, and accessed by authorized personnel only. Safe and confidential pick and delivery of data is available as well. For more details on our data storage services, please contact your nearest location.

Industry Specific Data & Records Management

A.C. White successfully manages data and records for many different industries. We specialize in electronic medical records management, legal data & record storage, and of course all types of business records management and storage. Whatever business you are in, you can count on A.C. White to handle your data & records management securely.

Atlanta Shredding and Document Destruction

Protecting your files from theft and improper access is paramount, which includes the proper document destruction when they are no longer needed. Companies are processing huge amounts of information every day, and the proper and timely shredding and destruction of that information must be completed properly to ensure the safety of your client’s and your business’ private sensitive information.

A.C. White can provide solutions for your information management needs. Call us or fill in the form to explore further how A.C. White can partner with you. Please go to for more information on our services.