Wouldn’t you love to deliver goods directly to your customers with a minimal amount of handling and a minimal amount of storage time? Cross docking is a solution we offer that helps you to adhere to demanding customer delivery expectations while minimizing the amount of risk associated with many traditional shipping methods.

What Is Cross Docking?

Cross-docking solutions represent a means by which you can deliver your products or raw materials directly to a customer with very little handling. In addition, cross-docking utilizes little to no storage time. 

How Your Business Can Benefit from Cross Docking

The benefits of cross-docking are significant. You may be aware of some of the common benefits, but there are also many benefits you may not have considered. Here are some of the benefits our cross-docking solutions can offer you and your business.

Reduction in Labor Costs

Cross docking can eliminate or severely limit the need for your materials to sit in storage, which requires time and labor to store, pick, or move. This reduction in labor costs as well as processing costs can make a huge difference to your bottom line.

Increase in Customer Satisfaction

Customer expectations have become increasingly demanding and meeting those demanding delivery requirements can significantly increase customer satisfaction as well as repeat business.

Reduction in Storage Needs

Along with the reduction of labor costs associated with storage and material movement, you also benefit from having less of a need for storage space. Often, manufacturers and distributors must sit on inventory while they wait for things to come together to make the shipment. You can free up that space by utilizing cross-docking.

This also applies to warehousing needs in general, as the warehouse space will not be required to store your materials, which may also benefit your business in terms of costs for current warehousing..

Increase in Supply Chain Options

There is some fluidity to cross-docking that allows for several different solutions. Ask us how we can help to shorten your delivery times through cross-docking. For example, you may need to supply various customers in a particular area.

Cross docking can help to skip the confusion of hub activity by allowing your materials to come to our facilities and catch the outbound flow to where these items need to go immediately. From receiving to outbound with little handling in between is what cross-docking is all about.

From that standpoint, it is easy to see that there are numerous solutions available under the umbrella of cross-docking services. These options allow for supply chain optimization and even innovation.

Ask Us About Our Cross Docking Solutions

Cross Docking represents only one of many possible solutions that can help you or your business stay ahead of changes and competition. However, logistics and supply chain management can sometimes require different solutions or variations of them.

Not all logistics solutions can handle cross-docking as it requires the right people, tools, and facilities to make it work. We have those things in abundance. For more information about our cross-docking solutions, contact us today.