Whether you are moving your office or warehouse down the street or to a new city, you may find that you need commercial storage in Alpharetta. Finding hassle free storage in Alpharetta, like that offered by A.C. White gives you the peace of mind in knowing that your full-service storage needs can be met locally.Atlanta Storage Units

Moving an office involves the storage of your important office equipment and other assets of your business. Having access to an adequate storage solution for your company means your storage needs can be met efficiently and in a professional manner.It is important to understand what commercial storage means to your business and the reasons to call A.C. White for hassle free storage in Alpharetta.

The Importance of Commercial Storage

You should consider commercial storage for your Alpharetta business if you are in the process of relocating, need additional space to store important archives or if you just require temporary storage of equipment and furniture. Commercial storage is an option that helps increase the amount of available storage space to you. Having the additional square footage allows you to move old equipment, furniture that is no longer in use, or important documents that you are required to retain off your premises and into a secure facility for housing and safekeeping.

A.C. White’s Business Storage Solutions

Choosing a commercial storage provider in Alpharetta requires you to consider many factors. The factors A.C. White meets as a provider of commercial storage in Alpharetta include:

  • – Adequate storage facility for your temporary to permanent storage needs. A.C. White has more than 600,000 cubic feet of storage space available to you in its many facilities in Alpharetta and throughout the State of Georgia.
  • – Secured facility, protected by a state-of-the-art alarm system. A.C. White offers modern, secured facilities that are protected by alarm and security personnel. This means that whatever goes into our storage facilities will remain there until you need it moved to a new location.
  • – Easy identification of your items held in commercial storage through the use of bar code technology.
  • – A state-of-the-art sprinkler system that has been installed in order to provide complete fire suppression in our storage facilities.

Getting the Information for Your Business’s Storage Needs

Find out about the options for commercial storage in Alpharetta by contacting A.C. White Relocations. We have been in the business of providing storage rentals and full-service storage onsite for more than 90 years and are now in the fourth generation of ownership. This continuity and experience provide you with the solution you need for hassle free storage in Alpharetta for your company. Contact A.C. White today in Alpharetta at 770-325-9100.