Would You Store Your Life Savings Under Your Mattress?

Secure, reliable record storage management is an essential service for every business of every size. Storing important documents in a basement, public storage unit or cluttered office space is about as secure as storing your life savings under your mattress. And trusting your records to a company you can’t trust to accurately and appropriately manage that critical information can be even worse. Nowhere are your business’s records more secure than in the hands of Secure Record Storage.

Paper documents and hardcopy records can quickly pile up and overload any office or practice. Storing them involves taking up valuable office space or renting public storage. Keeping them protected, organized, available and easy to find is the greatest challenge of all.

Organizing and Indexing
Often the hardest part is getting started. Our indexing service will manage each file within a box, so when you need a file, we can access the file within minutes.  Our experienced personnel manage this process so your staff can focus on their work.

Storing Your Records Securely
Our document and records storage facilities are safe, clean and secure. Your needs change, so we are flexible; you only pay for the space you need.

Secure Record Storage provides the following benefits at a cost much less than Public Storage:

  • Insured – Professional Liability Certificate
  • Access – Professionally Monitored
  • Secure – No Access by Public
  • Tracking – Online Inventory Access
  • Delivery – Delivered by Security Professional
  • Cost Effective – Pay Only for Space Used
  • Retention Schedule – Barcode Tracking Items to Destroy
  • Climate Controlled – Regulated Temp for all Stored Items
  • Employee Background – Federal Background Check Required
  • Employee Productivity – Scan on Demand, Eliminate Risk
  • Disaster Recovery Strategy – Strategic Development of Recovery Plan

Accessing Your Files
Access to your files is quick and easy and the files you need are on your desk the next day.

Our fleet of vans and uniformed drivers deliver the boxes or files you need and pick them up to return them to their proper spot until they’re needed again. Our online records software makes it easy for you to request a file, delivery, pick-up or even order supplies, saving you time.

To learn more about Secure Record Storage in Alpharetta, Macon or Savannah, contact us at (770) 325-9090. 

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