Why Use A.C. White Storage Services?

Whether you’re moving between residences or moving the location of your commercial business, there are a lot of logistics involved. Sometimes the timing can be so complicated that its necessary to take advantage of temporary or long-term storage options for your belongings or assets. This is when A.C. White can be especially useful.

Your New Home Isn’t Ready Yet

Homeowners often take advantage of A.C. White’s storage services when the new home isn’t quite ready yet. It’s one thing if you and your family have to move into an apartment for a month or two, but what are you supposed to do with all your possessions in the meantime? A.C. White can move all your things out of your home and into a safe and secure storage facility until your new home is ready. Then, all your things will be brought to your home, where our staff will move them into the correct rooms.

Your Business Has No Storage Space

Commercial business space is expensive, and many business owners simply don’t have the space to store all the back stock for items they carry. A.C. White offers storage solutions for businesses looking for long-term options for inventory storage. Racked storage and pick and pack services mean you and your customers can receive the exact item when they need it and where they need it.

Your Business Assets Overflow Your Space

Sometimes businesses have more assets than they have room to store. Future expansion plans mean that it doesn’t make sense to sell overflow assets. A.C. White offers asset storage and management just for this purpose. You can safely store your excess office furniture and equipment in climate-controlled facilities that ensure that your commercial assets remain in excellent operating condition.

Your Business Needs Records Management

In this world of technologically-driven records management, digital records are the order of the day. However, many businesses are still in possession of important paper records that are too cumbersome to digitize. Yet, these important records can’t be destroyed. It doesn’t make sense to store them in expensive commercial lease space. This is when A.C. White can also be of use. When you use A.C. White’s Atlanta storage facility services, your business premise can be free of the burden of storing boxes and boxes of paper records where business is conducted. Instead, these record storage boxes can be stored in a safe environment off-site. Then, when you need a particular box, your employees can request that box to be delivered and later picked up again by an A.C. White representative.

A.C. White offers a wide range of storage solutions for residential and business purposes. Please contact us to learn more about available options.

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