Best Practices for Packing Food

There are so many details to be considered when moving. One that often gets overlooked is food. There are items in your fridge, items in your pantry and all your frozen food products. Each one requires different handling.

Pantry Items

This is probably the easiest of the items to deal with because refrigeration is not an issue. It is necessary to moving your foodtake some precautions when moving pantry items and dry goods, but not as many as chilled items. If you have items that have been opened, toss ’em. It’s important to make sure that all containers are sealed and tightly recapped. Any glass bottles or jars should be wrapped in bubble wrap to avoid breaking and huge messes.

Refrigerated Items

If your move is local — within a few hours away — most refrigerated items can travel in coolers covered in ice. Wrap any breakable items in bubble wrap before placing in a cooler. If the move is further away, it is probably best to limit trips to the grocery store during the last couple of weeks before your move. The moving company that you hire can advise you on how best to make sure your food doesn’t perish. Buy items you need in smaller quantities if necessary, so if they have been opened before the move, there won’t be as much waste when you discard the contents.

Freezer Items

Just as with refrigerated food, if the move is local and not more than a few hours away, you can transport the food in coolers covered in ice. If you are making a long-distance move, you should ask your moving company if they have advice on how to transport your frozen goods. In the last few weeks before your move, try to prepare meals using as much as you can from your freezer. If you have decided not to transport the frozen food, make some calls to food banks and soup kitchens with the area to see if you can donate the items to them.

You don’t want to have the movers just finishing loading the moving truck and then you realize you had no plan for your perishable items. Think ahead and ask for advice. Groceries can be expensive, and an added expense during a move is not something that anyone looks forward to. Restocking your pantry, refrigerator and freezer can run into hundreds of dollars. Pack your food effectively today!

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