What to Include in an “Overnight Bag” for Your First Night in Your Home

Hiring a professional moving team can help eliminate the stress that comes with moving, and help ensure that your personal items arrive safely. Even when you have engaged professionals to take on the burden of your move, there are still some things you’ll need to pack separately and bring along with you for the first night in your new home.

Essential Items you Use Dailyovernight bag

From your toothbrush to your contact lenses and glasses, include those items that you use every day and need to get around. If you have everything you need for your nighttime and morning routine, you won’t have to worry about digging through boxes to find your favorite shampoo, soap or contact lens solution. Packing these items in advance helps you unwind quickly at the end of the day and settle in for a comfortable first night in your new home.


If you take any prescription or over the counter medications, including them in your overnight bag is a must. Some medications are very heat sensitive, so placing them on a moving truck could reduce their effectiveness or change their composition. You’ll also get the peace of mind that comes with knowing where all of your – and your family’s – essential medications are when you move.

Clothing and Shoes

Pack pajamas and a change of clothing for each member of your family – and make sure you include the right outfits for your destinations. If you are heading to school or work after your first night, pack a comfortable outfit that doesn’t require ironing to make it easy to get ready to go. Don’t forget shoes – if you wear sneakers or flip-flops for the move, you may need an additional pair of dress shoes for work the next day.

Household Essentials

Your new home is empty – really empty – until you move in. Make sure you pack a roll or two of toilet paper, a shower curtain with liner and some paper plates and plastic utensils. These items will make it easy to meet everyone’s needs until the moving truck arrives and may prevent a midnight run to the convenience store, too.

Pets and Pet Care Items

You wouldn’t put your cat on a moving truck – so don’t put his litter box on it either. Make sure you pack your pets, along with any gates needed to confine them while they get used to your new home. Any essential food and medication need to come along for the ride as well; a collar with ID is a must, too.

Important Papers and Irreplaceable Items

Professional movers take great care of your items, but if you have important papers like insurance paperwork, your identification and other documents, placing these in your car will help you keep track of them during the move. Any precious pieces that you want to personally be in charge of need to make the trip to your new home in your overnight bag as well.

The items you pack for your first few nights should make it easy for you to get comfortable in your new space and allow you to settle in easily. Planning ahead can make the moving process run smoothly and eliminate the stress that comes with a relocation as well.

Image Source: Pixabay

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