Ways to Make Moving Easier Today

Moving is a hassle, no doubt about it. But there are steps you can take to make the job far less frustrating and far more successful. Here are 5 of the smartest moving strategies to help simplify your process and get you where you’re going faster.

Moving Tips

1. Don’t Overpack Boxes

While it might look smart and efficient to fill that box to the brim while it’s sitting on the floor, it probably won’t look so much that way once you’re staggering under its weight in your new house. Check box weights frequently while filling them to make sure you and your movers can easily lift them.

2. Use Clothes and Linens as Wrapping Material

This tip may seem obvious, but a surprising number of people wrap their breakables in paper then pack linens separately. Save space and money by using linens as wrapping.

3. Organize Cords with Toilet Paper Rolls

Pesky cords have a reputation for being awful to corral. Change that by wrapping up cords, shoving them in TP rolls and writing their use on the outside.

4. Write a Brief Inventory on the Box

Gone are the days where you just label a box “bedroom” and call it a day. Do yourself a favor by writing a more complete inventory on the outside, so you can put the box exactly where it needs to be: near the closet, in the bathroom, outside the linen cabinet, near the fridge, etc.

5. Leave Clothes on Hangers

Some people feel alarmed at the prospect of not putting their clothes inside boxes, because they fear they’ll get ruined. Nicer clothes are just as likely to get messed up crammed into boxes as they are lying out and covered, however. Instead, gather about 10 hangers together, slide the clothes into a garbage bag and tie the cords off around the handle. Lay these items on top of your moving boxes.

Get Help from the Pros

Want to learn more about what a smart moving process looks like? Call A.C. White Relocations. Whether you’re moving within the state of Georgia or outside it, you won’t find a more efficient or knowledgeable company anywhere in the South. We’re fast, timely and full of additional “hacks” to streamline your relocation and simplify your life. Get in touch by emailing or calling one of our offices today. Your new life is only one smart move away!

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