Ways To Be Green During Your Move

Are you facing a big move? There are many ways to make it environmentally sound, sustainable and healthier for the whole planet. Here are tips on making your move green and making you feel that much better!

Pack What You Need

Moving to a different home is a great opportunity to help both future-you and the environment – by getting rid of the stuff you no longer need. While packing, set items aside for donations or a garage sale. You are likely to run into a lot of things you no longer need and can’t really see yourself moving with. It’s time to prune down. Your neighbors benefit, and you have less stuff to move, iStock_000080478667_Smallwhich leads to less energy consumed during the moving process, making everything greener.

Always Maximize Space

When possible, don’t be casual with space when packing and moving. When using boxes, fill them up. When packing boxes, fit as many as you can in the space you have. Contact a professional Atlanta moving company if you want space used as effectively as possible – they do it for a living. Sparing space or an extra trip will lead to less fuel, less exhaust and a happier planet. However, be careful not to throw your back out while moving by listing heavy, moderate and light on each box. This way your frail grandmother doesn’t attempt to lift a big box of textbooks.

Re-Use Boxes and Packing Materials

Boxes and packing materials are a serious waste of resources. … unless you use them right. Buy used cardboard boxes (websites and local distribution centers can help you with this!) whenever possible, or – if you prefer plastic boxes – use those that are made from recycled plastics. The same is true of packing materials – use recycled versions or find someone who does. If you can use your own clothes or blankets and buffers, that can help save on materials, too. Try to stay away from cheap plastic packing peanuts and other materials that are hard to recycle and tend to get thrown away as soon as they are used. Ask about packing options for your more delicate or large items to see what is available. If you have to use cellophane wrapping, try to use as little as possible.

Consider Your Shipping Options Carefully

A professional Atlanta moving company or a rented truck/trailer is often more environmentally smart, especially if you would otherwise need to make multiple trips with your car. However, take time to carefully examine your options and see what’s available before making up your mind. Look for companies that embrace safe and sustainable packing methods.

Recycle Afterward

When you are finally ready to unpack, take time to recycle all those materials (or find a mover that will do it for you). Send those cardboard boxes in for recycling or send them to another service that will sell them to other movers. Recycle any packing materials that you can, too.

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