Unpacking Tips and Tricks

Unpacking can feel like a heavy burden to bear. You just packed everything up, and it’s already time to unload it! To make unloading the best experience possible, follow these easy tips and tricks from our experienced Atlanta movers:

1. Unpack your essentials first.

While this may seem obvious, there are some things you simply cannot do without your essentials. Your essentials make your new space feel more like home because they are familiar and part of your routine, so it’s really important to start here.

2. Unpack your kitchen.

Our Atlanta moving company recommends unpacking the kitchen early on because getting hungry is no fun when you are in the heat of unpacking. If you have brought any food items with you, especially those that need to be refrigerated, make sure you put these away so they don’t spoil. Plus, a home-cooked meal will make you feel at home.

3. Unpack the beds.

You won’t want to spend the first night in your new home asleep on the floor or couch. Unload your beds and bedding and put them together right away. Dress your bed with your favorite linens and get a good night’s rest for the next unpacking day ahead.

4. Unpack the bathroom.

Put up your shower curtain and unpack your towels and showering or bathing essentials. Make sure you unload your toothbrush and toothpaste too.

5. Envision the layout of the room before unpacking everything.

When you know how you want the room to look, it will be easier to unload your boxes and put things away faster. You’ll fly through the room and be able to enjoy it!

Other tips to consider:

  • Unpack the garage last.
  • Patio furniture can be set up at your leisure.
  • Make sure tools you need to put furniture back together are accessible.
  • Have a box cutter handy to open boxes.
  • Take out the trash once you fill up a bag so that you can cut back on clutter.
  • Deconstruct boxes to a flat position and take them out to the garage when they are empty.

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