Treat Moving Like A Trip

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Everything’s still packed from your move. You can’t find anything, your toothbrush eventually turns up in the box marked “rec room,” and you’re living out of boxes for weeks. It seems like that’s always the case after you move, but this doesn’t have to be how it goes! If you treat your move like you’re going on a trip, you can have a much easier transition into your new home.

Pack a Bag

When you arrive at your new home, you are going to need quick access to basic things, like toiletries, clothes, cell phone chargers, and the kids’ favorite toys. Instead of having to hunt through boxes to find everything you need, do yourself a favor and pack a bag for each member of the family. Have about a week’s worth of essentials packed for everyone so that you will have some time to settle before you have to start digging through boxes. When packing these bags, don’t forget sheets, pillows, and toilet paper — you’ll need these more quickly than you might think.


Packing up the kitchen can be a strenuous part of moving because there are so many little things and a lot of them are breakable. Once the kitchen is packed up, it also reminds us that we aren’t settled in to the new house yet. Instead of fretting about the inability to have home cooked meals, keep up the trip mentality. Even if you are moving just across town, use this as an opportunity to check out new restaurants and try foods that you might otherwise skip. Don’t rely on fast food for every meal—it will only make you feel bloated and uncomfortable while you’re unpacking.

Board Your Pets

Pets can sense the change around them, but they certainly don’t understand when you try to explain moving to them. If you are moving locally, one of the best ways to help them stay healthy and happy during your move is to board them at a kennel. Many kennels offer the equivalent of a kitty and doggie spa, so your pets can have a couple days off too. This will keep Fluffy and Fido safe while the movers are taking everything out, and it allows you to have your home a little more set up before you pick up your pets.

Have Someone Else Handle the Actual Move

Having to haul your own furniture and boxes out of your former home and into your new one breaks the whole “vacation” vibe. This is a time that you should be spending with your family, learning more about your new neighborhood and getting acquainted with your new home; not a time when you should be sweating as you try to lug your belongings to and from a truck. By contacting a professional moving company, you can alleviate all of the physical strain of having to move, plus you will have the assurance that your things will be at the new place when you want them to be. That way, you can focus on the more important things, like getting yourself and your family settled into your new home.

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