Tips to Staying Productive While Moving Your Office

With office furniture strewn about and boxes full of inventory piling the hallways, we bet you and your employees are having a tough time focusing on getting work done. Relocating your business is an exciting time because it often means expansion, but handling the chaos in the interim is not easy. Hiring Georgia’s top commercial moving company means our experienced office movers will help your move go as efficiently and smoothly as possible.

How to Maintain Productivity When Moving in Atlanta

You may have noticed staff productivity and performance decreasing in the hustle and bustle of the environment, and that is OK. Problems only start to arise when this begins taking a turn for the worst, but fortunately there are ways to curtail the effect and keep everyone on point. Have reasonable expectations about the moving process and plan the transition accordingly. This is especially true if you are facing a large-scale transportation operation.

In a perfect world, you could put your business on hold long enough to relocate, but client demands need to be met nonetheless. Positively look forward to the future and picture in your mind’s eye how well the company will be performing. The new office is a fresh start for your staff and a time to implement big changes, so embrace it. Framing this mental image will allow you to make it past the humdrum of planning and execution, and hopefully keep your employees focused on their work!

If possible, the best time to complete the move is when business is at its off-peak, and for most companies this is the weekend. Depending on the scope of the operation, this may not at all be feasible, but it is much easier to transport cubicles and disconnect/reconnect modems and routers when they are not being used by staff. Notify your IT guy well in advance so they can be prepped for moving day. Digital downtime is every business’ nightmare with regards to productivity, which is why you will not want to take any chances. The goal should be to have everything up and running come Monday morning.

If the corporate budget allows, use your office move as an opportunity to upgrade outdated equipment. Swapping CRT monitors with LCDs will save money and increase employee work performance. Ergonomically designed chairs and desks will contribute significantly to the flow of the space. Remember to contact your local movers a few weeks prior to your moving date to ensure timely completion.

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