Tips for Packing Fragile Items

If you plan to pack your own breakables for a move, make sure to have the proper supplies on hand. This is not the place to scimp, because proper packing materials help ensure that your items arrive intact. Allow plenty of time for this type of packing. Rushing to do it at the last minute can result in more damage. Label your boxes as fragile on all sides, and indicate which side should be up. If you are unsure of the best way to pack a fragile item, let the professionals do it for you.

Fragile Items


Purchase special dish packs from your mover that are designed for dishes. These boxes are heavier than other cardboard boxes and provide more protection. You will need bubble wrap, packing paper, and packing tape. Do not use newspaper, as the print can transfer to the items you are wrapping. Use crumpled paper on the bottom, top, and around the sides of the box for extra padding. Wrap each plate individually in bubble wrap and tape. Plates should be placed vertically in the box. For fine china, you can use pliable cardboard or cushion foam to separate the plates. Do not overpack the boxes.


Wrap glasses individually in packing paper. Place larger glasses on the bottom. Stuff crumpled paper or bubble wrap in between items to cushion them. Separate layers of glasses with pliable cardboard.

Ceramic or Glass Lamps

Lamp bases should be wrapped in packing paper or bubble wrap and boxed separately. Fill the empty spaces in the box with crushed paper or towels. The shades can be placed in a different box to avoid being crushed.


As with other glassware, wrap vases individually with paper and then bubble wrap. Tape securely. Cardboard or towels can be used as padding between items in the box.

Mirrors and Framed Pictures

Smaller pictures should be wrapped individually and packed in a box with crumpled paper all around to prevent movement. Several items of similar size can be boxed together. Larger pictures and mirrors can be bubble wrapped or wrapped in moving pads secured with tape. Painters tape across the glass can protect it from shifting during the move. Moving companies sell special mirror and picture frame packs for extra protection.

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