Tips for Buyers To Overcome the Competitive Atlanta Housing Market

The Atlanta, Georgia area has grown in popularity in recent years, making it one of the most competitive housing markets in the Southeast. New homebuyers face challenges like never before, but here are some tips to help ensure you get the home of your dreams when you move to Atlanta.

3 Tips for Buyers In The Atlanta Housing Market

1. Have Additional Funds Waiting in the Wings

When others are vying for the house you’ve made an offer on in the Atlanta area, you may unwillingly enter a bidding war. This is a battle you’ll lose unless you have an ace in your pocket in the form of additional funds. Some mortgage loans, including FHAs, 203Ks, Fannie Mae, and 97% LTV loans, allow you to use gifts as a portion of the down payment. Conditions apply, but you could leverage this allowance to up your ante, making you the high bidder.

2. Write a Heartfelt Thank You Note

Most home sellers have a special connection with their home. They may have years of hard work, money and memories invested in the property. Chances are they would prefer to sell to someone who appreciates the intangible value of the home. When you submit your offer for a house in Atlanta, include a personal, handwritten, and heartfelt note to the owners, expressing your appreciation for the property and your desire to cherish it for years to come. Your sentiments will make you a standout buyer among our competition.

3. Be Ready With a Second Choice

Try not to get too emotionally vested in one single house. If you go through the process for weeks only to find out you’ve been passed over for another buyer, it could be weeks or months before you find another suitable option. Instead, be ready with a second choice. If your offer is passed over on the first one, you’ll be able to make an immediate move on the next best home.

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