Thinking About a Move to Atlanta? You’re Not Alone!

Whether you’re thinking about a move to Atlanta for career-related reasons, to be closer to family, or to simply experience some of Atlanta’s signature southern hospitality—taking some time to better understand recent population trends can help you prepare for your possible relocation.

Atlanta: A City of Growth

According to the United States Census, Atlanta’s population hovers around 5.8 million and is one of the fastest growing cities (in terms of population) in the entire country. In fact, between 2016 and 2017 alone, the city gained nearly 90,000 new residents. This means that if you’ve been debating a move to Atlanta, you’re certainly not the only one.

Many people who are relocating to Atlanta are doing so for jobs; in fact, the city has seen some of the best economic growth in recent years. For example, 2016 saw the addition of more than 77,000 new jobs in the Atlanta area alone. Currently, Atlanta is the ninth-largest metropolitan area in the United States, and it is only expected that the area will continue to grow and thrive as new jobs and opportunities flourish!

What This Means For You

Now is a great time to consider a move to Atlanta, but be aware that the recent influx of new residents has left the housing market a bit competitive. With a greater demand for homes and rentals in Atlanta and the surrounding suburbs, prices have increased. Whether you’re looking to rent or buy, be prepared to spend a bit more. You’ll also be competing with other buyers and/or renters in this market, so you’ll need to bring your top-dollar offer as well.

Enjoy a Smooth Move

Moving to Atlanta or the surrounding suburbs can be a great choice, especially if you’re looking to pursue a career in one of the booming local industries. Atlanta is also an excellent place to raise a family or enjoy the single life; there are plenty of family-friendly neighborhoods and areas more geared towards families to suit whatever path your life is currently on.

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