The Packing Order That Will Help You Out

Packing doesn’t have to be a hassle or headache. It may feel like it’s hard to live without any of your belongings. What if you need it? Where do you even start?

Our professional Atlanta movers have handled everything from small, local moves to large, international moves and have honed in on the three most important parts of packing. If you’re ready to start packing, focus on the firsts, the lasts and the order.

What To Pack First

Think about the things that you aren’t going to be using any time soon, and the things that you don’t use every day. Maybe start in your attic, garage, basement or any other place you have storage. Seasonal and holiday decorations can be packed first because chances are you won’t be needing them for a while. If you’re moving in the winter, pack away your summer and warm-weather clothing. Books are also great to pack in the beginning as well as your home decor that is pure decoration.You can even pack away your dishes and use disposable ones for the time being.

What To Pack Last

Consider your essentials and hold on to them! You may want to pack away your entire bathroom, but make sure you have left out enough towels and washcloths, you toothbrush and toothpaste, soap and other essentials. Don’t pack away your bedding unless it’s just accent pillows. Food, especially when refrigerated or frozen, should be packed last. Our Atlanta movers have learned this great rule of thumb: Anything you need for your typical daily routine should be left out and put in an essentials box.


This will be crucial when you go to unpack. Make sure all of your boxes are labeled by room or necessity and grouped together. This will make unpacking so much easier. Unpack things in the order your will need them: essentials, bedding, kitchen, clothing, etc. Unpacking in this order will make your new house feel a whole lot more like home.

If you need advice about or assistance with packing up your belongings safely and properly, contact Atlanta moving company A.C. White today.

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