The Future IS Even Better

Here’s an excerpt from The Unifier from February of 1962. It focuses in on our partnership with United Van Lines. Having partners, allies, and friends in the business keep us better connected and pushes us to be a better company and provide a better service.

“Future Will Be Even Better”

In view of the rapid growth enjoyed by the A.C. White Company throughout its history, it’s not surprising that company officials are exceedingly optimistic in their outlook for the future.
“We are proud of the fact that we are an Agent for United Van Lines,” comments A.C. White, Jr., “with the finest management and employees backing us – always with a look toward the future. There are many valuable ‘firsts’ initiated by United Van Lines which are important tools in our selling effort.
“To be successful in today’s intense competition,” he continues, “you have to render a good service, and I personally believe that United is the best. I have seen great strides in vans, drivers, and Agents in the past 15 to 18 months. I think the future will be even better for our company than it has ever been. With the United outlook, how can we go wrong?”

We like the title of this article. Our future is better! We’ve grown and become something greater than expected. We take pride in the people and service we provide.

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