The Danger in Going with a Cheap Mover

When you hire an Atlanta moving company, you get what you pay for. Using a cheap moving company can be a costly mistake. It is understandable that you will want to save some money when you are changing locations, especially since there are so many different costs associated with moving. However, hiring the cheapest mover in your area can be a costly nightmare.

There are several reasons that the less reputable companies are the least expensive. These movers may not carry enough insurance to cover your contents in the case that they are damaged during the move. Your mover may also hire very cheap labor who are not trained to pack your belongings correctly or how to properly distribute them in the truck to keep from damaging your things.

Hidden costs can also be a big problem. Make sure to read the agreement you enter into with the Atlanta moving company. Decide if the timeframe they give for the move is reasonable; often, the company will quote you an initial low rate with a hidden addendum that you will be charged extra fees if the move goes over the time allotted. Since the cheap movers are often improperly trained, the move will go over the time limit due to incompetence. Along with this, cheap moving companies will use inferior packing materials that can put your belongings at risk.

There are other risks to using a cheap mover. Their equipment can be old and in disrepair, leading to possible breakdowns, which could lead to your belongings sitting in a truck on the side of the road. Many movers who offer cheap discounted prices can do so because they hire untrained labor without performing the necessary background checks on the employees. There have also been reported incidents where cheap fly-by-night moving companies were a cover for illegal activities or a theft ring.

When hiring an Atlanta moving company, ask for references, take the time to go to their offices, and make sure that they are professional and insured. If you are using a realtor for your relocation, they often can suggest an Atlanta mover that can meet your needs. You have worked hard to accumulate your items, and some of your valuables are irreplaceable. Protect them by ensuring that your belongings are well-cared for by a quality moving company.

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