Summer Moving Tips

Are you ready to make a big move this summer? It may be something you’re worried about due to the time it takes or simply the hard work that goes into it. Whether you are moving your business or home, the process is a big one, involving the collaboration of many people. With a plan for the move, it may be a bit more seamless and less frustrating. Consider a few tips and strategies to make the process more manageable and successful.

#1: Plan Early and Thoroughly

Planning for success is a big part of a successful move. It’s critical to ensure you have movers lined up as soon as possible – remember, everyone else is moving at the same time. Then, plan:

  • A timeline for when you want to move
  • What will go with you and what you’ll leave behind
  • How long it will take to pack up your home
  • How long it will take to get into your new home
  • How much time off you’ll need from work or other responsibilities during your move

The size of your household and the distance of the move plays the biggest role in this planning. Even a small home can take several days or weeks to pack up fully.

#2: Start Working on the Packing Early

Most homeowners have some belongings they don’t need for daily living that they can start to pack up sooner than their move. It’s a good idea to start working on these types of things, such as extra clothing, bedding, and supplies. Always keep the following in mind:

  • Toss out anything now that you don’t want or need. There’s no benefit to taking it with you.
  • Label all boxes based on what’s inside. Be specific so you can unpack with ease.
  • Pack items safely especially if they will stay packed for some time. That means using proper packaging to minimize the risk of items shifting.

The better option here, if possible, is to allow professionals to handle the move for you fully. That means allowing them to pack up your belongings.

#3: Prepare for Delays

Are you moving into a home that’s being built or remodeled? Perhaps you’ve sold your existing home and need to move, but your new home isn’t ready yet. This is a more common situation than you may expect especially during the summer months. One key tip to keep in mind is that you can use storage companies to help you with managing most of your belongings if you stay in a rental property. Be sure to have a storage facility picked out and ready to go early on.

#4: Take Proper Care of Your Belongings

Some of the biggest risks during moving are to fragile items. It’s always best to allow professionals to handle the moving of larger or delicate items. However, if you plan to pack yourself, there are a few tips to keep in mind:

  • Wrap sensitive items properly. That includes any electronics you own. They typically benefit from plastic wrapping as well as bundling with packing material to minimize the risk of damage. Store these upright during a move. Keep these items out of the heat during the move.
  • Glass items, such as candles, dishes, and frames, are some of the most fragile. Be sure to place them in a box with support around them such as packaging material. Also, wrap each item. Be sure the box is full to minimize the risk of items moving around.
  • Furniture can easily be dinged or damaged during a move if you’re not careful with the process. The sun can also cause damage to leather and other types of furniture especially if your items are in the sun for a long time. Keep them wrapped to minimize this risk.

#5: Plan for Rain

Even if you don’t expect it to occur, it may and your moving may already be too scheduled and planned to back out of it especially if you have a tight schedule. Most items will be safe if they get a bit of rain on them, but keep all items either wrapped well or under a plastic tarp that’s snuggly fitted to minimize damage.

Get the Help You Need with Your Summer Move

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