How to Have a Stress-free Move

Whoever said moving was not stressful is either lying or lucky. We have all had the pleasure of being party to a moving day best left in memory.

When you expected clear skies and sunshine, you got a nasty rainstorm and golf-ball sized hail. When everyone agreed to meet at 8:00 sharp to get a head start on the meticulous packing process, only a few showed up to work and the rest mysteriously fell ill overnight. When you dropped the rental moving truck off at the facility, you were presented with a much higher bill than originally anticipated. With the stories we have heard, we could go on and on, but chances are one of these strikes a personal chord!

The cost of moving is without a doubt of one the greatest causes of stress. With a plethora of Atlanta moving companies to choose from, all of which provide various services and corresponding rates, how do you determine which one is the most affordable? Furthermore, would it be in your best interest to perform the move solo? If you opt for this route, will you need to rent a truck and do you have enough people to help get the job done?

Do not forget to factor in the expense of moving supplies, something you definitely do not want to skimp on. Needless to say, we completely understand why so many people avoid moving like the plague! Things do not need to be so hectic and difficult though, as staying prepared and organized throughout the ordeal will make the situation far more accommodating. Just remember to take a deep breath and relax, and remind yourself of why you are relocating in the first place!

Take the time far enough in advance to compare local moving vendors. This will prevent you from making last-minute decisions, one or more of which could be regrettable! The Atlanta movers you hire should be adequately licensed and insured and have a positive track record for customer satisfaction. Be upfront and ask them for referrals. In the meantime, it never hurts to ask the advice of friends and family.

Another problem we see people run into all the time is procrastination. Start packing as soon as you have a firm moving deadline, and move in increments as opposed to all at once. The latter is how possessions get misplaced and has been the cause of much discontent!

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