Should You Ask Your New Employer To Cover Your Moving Expenses?

May brings with it a fresh crop of graduates. These graduates, hopefully, have shiny new jobs. These new jobs may require moving. In most cases, moving can be very expensive and often, very inconvenient. ​If you are new to the job scene, it can be intimidating to ask your employer to cover moving expenses, but it doesn’t have to be if you use these tips from us.

Always Ask

Don’t assume that your new employer will say no. Chances are they have a lot on their plate and haven’t had the time to consider your moving arrangements. Instead, just ask. The worst they can say is no.

If it Feels Appropriate, Negotiate

The bottom line is that your company wants you. And oftentimes, they want you quickly so you can start taking work off their plate. A great point to bring up in negotiating is that your relocation isnegotiate your move an investment. Explain how your move will benefit the company in the end and reflect in the work that you do for them.

Remember, not attempting to negotiate can actually hurt the company in the long run. Smart companies seek out top talent nationwide. When they have a bad or nonexistent relocation policy, it can be a turn off for potential new hires. For any company, a great relocation package is not only a great investment, but also the perfect recruiting tool.

Read the Fine Print

This is the most important part of the relocation conversation. Make sure to read and discuss anything in your package that may include a payback clause or payback timing. This usually means, in short, that if you leave the company in a certain time frame, then you are responsible for paying back the money that was spent on your transfer.

Another major part of your contract is taxes! The IRS is going to want the lump sum that you received from your move, so be sure that you budget for it.

If you’re moving to Atlanta, Macon, Savannah or Columbus for your new job, contact A.C. White today for a free estimate. And, congratulations on your new job!

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