All You Need to Know About Residential Moving

We all know that moving is a very stressful experience, but when you have proper planning, you can turn your move into a stress-free, even enjoyable experience. We’ve prepared a comprehensive list of what you need to know when moving locally and out of state.


  • Do your research and find out which moving companies provide good services in your area by going to the Better Business Bureau website. A.C. White Relocations has an A+ rating on BBB. Ask friends, family and coworkers if they have used our services, it is likely we have worked with them before.
  • We have experience with specialty items such as pianos, grandfather clocks and family heirlooms. We always have your best interest in mind during the entire moving process. Making what was once a hassle, is now a breeze. Visit to learn about your responsibilities and rights as a consumer.
  • Shop around and get estimates. Be sure to provide each moving company representative with the same information so you can equally assess a minimum of three quotes for identical services. You will see that we have great rates and specials. Currently we are offering 0% for 12 months. Once you decide on our moving company, ask to see proof of liability insurance, and decide if you should purchase any additional insurance..

List of Who to Notify

  • Make a list of all the people and businesses you’ll need to notify of your move, such as schools, banks, family members and subscription services. Be sure to list online accounts, as well. File a change of address form at your local post office.
  • Transfer records of school-aged children, and medical records if applicable.

Pack and Organize

  • Buy more packing materials than you think you may need. Keep your receipt. Most stores will allow you to return unused boxes as long as you don’t unfold them. Packing materials should include wrapping paper, bubble wrap and various sized boxes, including any specialty boxes you may need for mirrors, picture frames, etc.
  • Purge your home of unneeded or unwanted items. Hold a yard sale or haul things off to the local donation center.
  • Plan to pack gradually. Start with things that you rarely use, or are not in season. If you do some packing every night, the process will be less overwhelming. Stack packed boxes according to their size to facilitate the move.
  • Print out multiple sheets of box labels to quickly label boxes according to what room they should go in your new home.
  • Make a minimal collection of kitchen items to use up until moving day, and pack everything else. Buy paper plates and plastic utensils so you can pack away dishes and silverware.
  • Consume pantry and freezer items so you don’t have to pack as much food. Avoid purchasing food that is meant to last a long time, such as condiments and food in bulk packaging. Purchase a cooler to pack chilled food if your move is local.

By the time moving day comes along, you’ll be all packed and ready to go. Remember, moving can be a fun, exciting time in your life. For local and long distance movers you can rely on, call the experts at A.C. White Relocations today.

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