Do Your Research before Hiring a Moving Company

It only takes one negative moving experience to learn that not all moving companies have the impeccable reputation of A.C. White Relocations. In our 87 years as Georgia’s most trusted moving company, we have heard our share of tragic stories from customers who did not do their research before hiring a moving company. We want everyone to avoid this heartbreak by following a few simple tips.

Ask Your Network

Odds are that your friends, family and coworkers will have had some experience with local Atlanta movers. Ask them if they’ve had positive experiences with any companies and take note of any companies that provided negative experiences. Start your search with the companies your network recommends.

Read Online Reviews

Online reviews can provide you with an overall sense of how residential or commercial movers in Atlanta treat their customers. Seek out review boards with a good reputation and several different reviews to get the best feel for the company. Angie’s List, Kudzu and Yelp are typically good starting points.

Narrow your list of possible candidates, then check with the Better Business Bureau to find out if any of your candidates has generated any reports. See how the company resolved any complaints and feel free to ask the company about specific incidents when you contact them.

Gather Information from the Company

Once you’ve done this preliminary research, it’s time to start contacting companies for a bit of information about their operations. Most moving companies will have a website that details their services, provides background information and explains any limitations their services may have. These websites will typically provide you with an email address that will allow you to keep written records of any communication you have with the company.

If you feel satisfied by the responses you receive and the outside research you have done, we encourage you to start the process of arranging your move.

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