Relocating Your Business – It’s Easier Than It Looks

Moving a business is pure stress, but with A. C. White, the process is simplified, efficient, and hassle-free. As one of Georgia’s oldest moving and storage companies, we’ve got a few tricks up our sleeve to make moving your business as easy as possible. When your business needs a moving company, give us a call. Here’s a closer look at how we make moving your business easy, efficient, and stress-free.

Step 1: Quality Pre-planning

We start with an estimate in cubic feet to estimate the number of boxes and crates involved. We pair that with labor so that as packing occurs, the box loading is efficient. Every box and container are cataloged, so unpacking is never a guessing game. Need something that’s already packed? It only takes a minute to locate where that crate is located. Our goal is always to reduce stress and keep your business running as smoothly as is possible during an office move.

We also look at your needs as a business. What is the best day of the week or weekend to move the business? And we ask important questions so that we understand how to move your company. The pre-moving plan is much like an itinerary that helps keep our team and yours in the know about schedules, processes, and more. A pre-moving plan is a valuable tool for your team and ours, making both teams efficient.

Step 2 Packing

We hire and train professional movers with experience and expertise so that they exceed your expectations. Our team shows up on time prepared to work. We follow the moving plan so that we do not interfere with your daily operations. Each member of our team is courteous, professional, and focused. Sometimes businesses pack up their own offices, supplies, and products. That’s fine too. If your team is more of the DIY packing personnel, let us know as we have tips that will help make the process of packing up your business more efficient, safer, and with less labor. If packing up your business is something you don’t want to do, we can handle it. Our packing team is professional and prepared.

Step 3 Moving

Every box or crate is carefully handled and loaded onto the trucks. We provide quality equipment, so moving is less physical, and the team can focus more on protecting your business assets during the move. Our training process keeps our QA at peak performance. We focus on moving each box with care. Our moving process is efficient — we are also highly focused on protecting your items.

Quality Personnel, Tools, and Reputation

With experience and expertise, our professionals move your entire business with care, efficiency, and pride. We take pride in our nearly 100 year history in the moving business. We’ve handled many boxes, moved a ton of businesses, and remained professional and courteous throughout each move.

We learned a long time ago to focus on quality. That’s why we invest in quality equipment that is standard within the moving industry. THis includes specialized equipment that enables us to handle unique items with ease and safety.

The Last Box

We understand the stress involved in moving a business, and we also understand how to eliminate that stress. Without all the proper tools, it is impossible to move a business on schedule and safeguard each box. Of course, we follow the latest guidelines for COVID-19 and do our job with minimal invasiveness. We are prepared to do our part to keep your staff and team safe, as we move your business from start to finish. The last box is just as important to us as the first.

Five Locations Ready to Move Your Business

To make moving a business more manageable, we have five locations in Georgia. We also have a large pool of wonderfully trained labor and the tools to get the job done safely and efficiently. We proudly serve the Alpharetta, Macon, Savannah, Columbus, and Hinesville communities and beyond. Whether you are moving up one floor or across the country, we make moving your business as simple and easy as possible.

For a personalized conversation about moving your business, reach out to our nearest office by phone or use our Contact Us form.

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