Preparing To Purge for a Long-Distance Move

Because moving entails an enormous amount of energy, time and resources, some people simply pack everything up with the intention of sorting it all out when they get to their new location. Unfortunately, in our many years of experience as an Atlanta moving company, we have found that this very rarely happens. What does happen is those boxes get stored in the attic or in the back of the garage and remain unopened until the next move.

Reasons To Lighten Your Load

Getting rid of items you no longer need before a major move makes sense for three reasons. First, it can save you money. Why allot precious moving van space to items that are no longer of any use to you? Second, keep in mind that the fewer items you take with you, the less packing you have to do. And third, it gives you a fresh start at your new location. Getting rid of unnecessary items frees you up not only physically but psychologically and emotionally as well.

Decide What To Keep

Everyone has objects they hold on to for purely sentimental reasons. You don’t necessarily have to get rid of those before a long-distance move, but clothes you have not worn in more than a year, toys your children have outgrown, old magazines, books you will not read – you can certainly get rid of items like those.

Sell, Donate or Throw Away

moving companies Suwanee GAThere’s no hard and fast rule that says you have to have a yard sale before a big move, but it’s a great idea to have one. You’ll be surprised how many times people say, “This is just what I’m looking for!” during garage sales. So go ahead, price your items to sell and make someone else happy.

You can donate whatever doesn’t sell to a local non-profit organization. Soup kitchens can always use extra pots, plates and utensils, libraries can take your books and magazines and shelters will likely accept your donation of clean and still wearable clothes.

Sometimes you have no other option except to throw out old, broken and useless items. Remember that most municipalities have rules regarding the disposal of certain electronic items and batteries.

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