How to Prepare for Home Inspections Before Your Move

Before you can close on your house and contact a trusted moving business to arrange for your own move, your buyer will no doubt schedule a home inspection. Some sellers dread this step and see it as a potential buyer’s way of finding fault with the property in order to bargain for a lower price. There’s no need to fear the home inspection, especially if you follow the steps we suggest below.

Conduct Your Own Home Inspection

If you have the budget for it, hire a professional to conduct a thorough inspection of your house before you even put it out on the market. This way you already know what work needs to be done and you can even perform some of the minor repairs yourself. It’s unlikely that your buyer’s inspector will uncover something new. If the work is too expensive or difficult for you to undertake, you can disclose it to your buyer during negotiations. Let them know that your asking price already takes into consideration the cost of repairs. This will leave them with less room to haggle.

Be Proactive

If you can’t afford your own home inspection, do the repairs you’ve been putting off before your buyer’s home inspection. This means the inspector will find less items that need to be repaired in your house, making your buyers more inclined to close on your house sooner.

Remove Clutter

Make sure access to crawl spaces and electrical boxes are unimpeded by clutter. This will make the home inspection go faster and smoother. By giving the home inspector as few things as possible to complain about, you predispose him or her to speak of your house in positive terms.

Remove Obstructions Under the Sink

Another place that home inspectors definitely look at closely is under your sinks. Remove any items in your under-the-sink cabinets to give the inspector easy access to your pipes.

Make Sure Your Oven Is Empty

Many homeowners store their pots and pans in their ovens. Home inspectors need to turn your oven on to see if it works; you can be sure they won’t think to check inside first before they turn it on. So save your pots and pans from becoming extra crispy, and empty your oven before a home inspection.

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