Plan a Spring Move

Summer time throughout the southern states of the country can be brutal. Soaring temperatures and increased humidity make for a volatile atmosphere that poses a real danger to residents with respiratory problems or fragile immune systems. If you are contemplating a move sometime in the year, consider doing so before energy-sapping summer heat blankets the region.

Pack up the House Early

If you have school-aged children, moving during their summer break causes the least disruption in terms of their studies. This does not mean however, that you have to start packing only after school ends. Pack up as many of the items you and your family do not need on a daily basis during the cooler months of spring. This would include winter items (toss in those holiday decorations), mementos, everything in the spare bedroom, etc.

Clean out the garage, attic and basement and hold an early spring yard sale, then donate the items that do not sell to charity. The more items you pack up, sell, donate or simply get rid of early, the less you have to do under soaring temperatures. When school officially ends, you will need very little time to finish packing and making the move.

Move in the Season of New Beginnings

If you are not at the mercy of the school calendar and you have the freedom to move at any time, it makes perfect sense to do so during the pleasant and cool pre-summer months. There is something fitting and ‘right’ about starting a new chapter in your life at the same time that Nature itself is being renewed by the rituals of spring.

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