Pianos, Pool Tables, Oh My — Moving Oddly Shaped Items

Moving day is usually a time of positive excitement, mixed in with a little anxiety. It’s wonderful to move to your dream home or get relocated for a job you love. Those who have worked hard deserve to reap the benefits. A nice home with lots of space is a fitting reward.

Yet, anxiety is another common emotion. As anyone who has had to move knows, packing, storing and transporting things is no easy feat, especially without professional guidance. Arriving at the new home with chipped dishes, busted furniture and dented tables can ruin the moment.

For those with odd-shaped items to move, it is almost imperative to seek the counsel of relocation specialists, such as those at A. C. White, in Atlanta. With more 40 years of experience helping families, individuals, organizations and businesses safely maneuver pianos, grandfather clocks and other hard-to-move things from one location to the next, A.C. White remains prepared to continue throughout the 21st Century.

To help readers relocating with oddly-shaped packing items get started on the road to a successful transition, here are some things to consider.

Handling Round Items

The irregular shape of round items leaves lots of space in boxes that require filling to prevent shifting. It is best to include proper packing material in the box for stabilization. Bubble wrap is a wise choice. Also, remember to cushion the bottom, for extra protection.


  • basketballs
  • bicycle tires
  • car tires
  • picnic table tops
  • ceiling fans

Handling Large and Long Items

These household goods prove especially difficult to transport. They present problems because of both their unconventional shape and above-average size.

Professional movers will pay particular attention to the middle section. The area is susceptible to extra pressure because the weight forces are strongest there. During the move, if cracks develop, it is usually in this location. Provide extra support under the middle region of grandfather clocks, tables and widescreen televisions. Be sure to cover with bubble wrap to avoid dents and bumps.


  • pianos
  • dining room table tops
  • sofas
  • pool tables

Get Help

Moving can be stressful. It is best to let the experts handle the logistics of moving goods from one place to the next, especially when it involves a pool table.

A.C. White is dedicated to ensuring that its clients enjoy a smooth relocation process. As a full-service company, we are there from the beginning to the final stages of unpacking.


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