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Infographic: 10 Items You Need During a Move

Moving is no simple task, you have to pack your things, organize your home and acquire all of the items you need to transport your belongings. Who knew you needed so many items before you could move? Click on the image to see the 10 items you need the most in a move. If it […]

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Moving Expenses for Tax Deductions

If you moved because for a job in 2015 or moved your business last year, you can deduct moving expenses from your taxes, according to the IRS. Moving is a major life event, and as with just about any major life event, there are tax consequences. In this case, many of them can be in […]

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Best Practices for Packing Food

There are so many details to be considered when moving. One that often gets overlooked is food. There are items in your fridge, items in your pantry and all your frozen food products. Each one requires different handling.

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How To Involve Your Kids with Moving and Packing

Our local Atlanta movers know that moving and packing away all of your child’s belongings can be hard on him or her. It can also be a stressful time for you, and your children can feel it and will notice your feelings too. Helping them move and letting them help with the moving process will […]

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Buy Moving Supplies on a Budget

Aside from being one of life’s most stressful experiences, moving can also be very expensive. You need a few trucks, moving blankets, tape, labels and oh-so-many boxes. Boxes will be your greatest moving expense. The experts at A.C. White have some ways you can save on this essential moving cost.

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Step-by-Step Guide to Packing Heavy Items

When you move, you almost always have a few heavy, oddly-shaped items you must deal with. These items can throw a wrench into your smooth move, especially if you are planning a move without movers. For help with these large items, follow these 5 steps.

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What to Do With Your Food When Moving

When you’re moving, it can be very easy to forget that you have to also either move or get rid of your food in addition to all of your other things. Food is heavy and bulky, and it often needs special care like refrigeration to stay edible. It’s very difficult to move food, even over […]

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Things To Know Before Moving to a Military Base

A.C. White has had the privilege of helping service members and their families move all over the country. If you have the option of living on a military base but don’t quite know what to expect, read on below to get a fair idea of what life is like on the base.

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Moving Equipment from Your Home Gym

Owning a home gym is very rewarding and offers a wealth of benefits. You can workout whenever you wish, you don’t have to pay expensive membership fees and you can invite friends or professionals to work out in your home. Really, the only downside comes when you eventually have to transport all that weight from […]

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Fun Moving Facts You May Not Know

According to a study by HomeData, 14 percent of Americans move every year. Picture it, out of 282,556,000 people, 40,093,000 moved in 2015. That’s a lot of boxes and moving tape. If you are moving soon, check out some more quick and interesting facts about moving in general. Maybe it will make you feel less […]

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