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Easy Checklist of all the Things to Set Up Before you Move

Your boxes are packed, the movers are on their way and you’ve completed the final walkthrough of your house. You’re ready to go! But are you? It may seem like you have all the i’s dotted and t’s crossed, but moving can be quite a whirlwind, and certain steps to help you ease into your […]

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Infographic: Moving Fails to Avoid

Don’t get stuck trying move on your own! By hiring a moving company, you can avoid all of the moving fails — call us today.

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Ways to Make the Holidays Special Despite Moving

The holiday season is not normally for moving. Unfortunately, sometimes it has to happen and there is no choice in the matter, such as when your boss transfers you and your new boss is requiring that you start your job immediately following Thanksgiving, Christmas or New Year’s. When this happens, it causes the move to […]

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Best Neighborhoods to Move to in Atlanta

Every neighborhood in Atlanta is a diverse collection of people, history and sites. And unlike most major American cities, each Atlanta neighborhood has all of the amenities in an easy to reach location while still having a unique charm of their own. Here are 5 of the best neighborhoods to move to if you are […]

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Best Practices for Office Relocations

Moving to a new office can be a very exciting prospect. The actual process involved in moving to a new office could, however, be stressful and tiresome. This is because most of the organizations have little or no expertise in managing office moves. Whether you are involved in the movement of a corporate headquarters, the […]

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Famous Spots in Macon, Georgia

Macon, Georgia, is full of charm and after a little bit of exploring, you too will discover the appeal and desirability of this city. Here are a few famous landmarks to visit to learn the history behind Macon and the progress the city has made while preserving its past.

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Macon, Georgia, USA

Infographic: 7 Ways to Make Moving Easier

Check out this need-to-know, comprehensive list of moving hacks. Use our suggestions to make moving just a little bit easier. If you do not want to pack your stuff alone, call A.C. White to schedule a full-service move.

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What to Expect When You Move to Alpharetta

You’ve got the old place cleaned out and your things are almost completely packed — all that’s left is the excitement of the big move and the anticipatory wonder of what life in Alpharetta, Georgia, has in store for you. What can you expect from your new hometown? Luckily, at A.C. White, we have got […]

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Start Your Life in Savannah Like a Pro

Moving to Savannah, Georgia, is an exciting reason to start packing up, but without knowing the area, you may be unsure of which items to take and which to leave behind. The city of Savannah sits next to the Atlantic Ocean and houses many historic landmarks. The area is rich with diverse culture and opportunities […]

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Video: Why Full-Service Moves are Ideal

Do you know all the details of full-service moves? Do you know why they are the ideal form of moving? Click the video to see the answers to these questions and more. Contact the movers at A.C. White to schedule your hassle-free, full-service move.

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