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To Pack or not to Pack: When Should You Call the Pros to Do the Packing?

No matter how capable, experienced and prepared you are, moving is a huge job with lots of moving parts. Packing is one of the most time-consuming and physically demanding. Although many individuals start out to do it themselves in order to save money, there are some instances in which having the movers do it for […]

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Packing made easy by enlisting the help of the pros to help pack

Tying Loose Ends: Things to Do Before Leaving Your Old Home

Packing your belongings and taking care of moving logistics may be the biggest tasks involved in your transition from one home to another, but they’re not the only ones. You also need to tie up loose ends so that when you close the door for the last time, you’ll be off to a running start […]

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Check off your packing check list as well as items to tidy up your home.

6 Things You Can Store in Mini Storage, and Some Things You Shouldn’t

The late comedian George Carlin did a skit called “Stuff.” He facetiously said the meaning of life is “stuff.” It’s funny because we do accumulate more stuff than we have space. We amass so much stuff, he joked, that we have to get a bigger house to keep our “stuff” and sometimes put some of […]

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Why Would I Use Concierge Storage?

Many people associate the word concierge as someone who tends to the needs of hotel guests. However, concierge can relate to any type of business, as in this case, storage. When you need items put in storage all you have to do is call A.C. White. They offer mini storage and concierge storage. Many people […]

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Should You Ask Your New Employer To Cover Your Moving Expenses?

​May brings with it a fresh crop of graduates. These graduates, hopefully, have shiny new jobs. These new jobs may require moving. In most cases, moving can be very expensive and often, very inconvenient. ​If you are new to the job scene, it can be intimidating to ask your employer to cover moving expenses, but it […]

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new job

How Early Is Too Early To Start Packing for Your Move?

If there was one piece of advice our professional movers want to emphasize, it is to never wait too long to ready yourself for moving day. You can be the most organized person around, but chances are something unexpected will come up that will throw you off course. It does not take much to escalate […]

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Ways To Be Green During Your Move

Are you facing a big move? There are many ways to make it environmentally sound, sustainable and healthier for the whole planet. Here are tips on making your move green and making you feel that much better!

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ways to be green during your move

Moving Box Exchange, a New Moving Trend

No matter how near or far your new living place is, belongings have to be packed up. Packing materials, including boxes, plastic wrap, packing peanuts (polystyrene or biodegradable), old newspaper or brown paper, can push moving costs into the ‘unpleasant’ column. A moving box exchange is one way to bring those costs into the ‘reasonable’ […]

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moving box exchange, find boxes to move

Infographic: 10 Items You Need During a Move

Moving is no simple task, you have to pack your things, organize your home and acquire all of the items you need to transport your belongings. Who knew you needed so many items before you could move? Click on the image to see the 10 items you need the most in a move. If it […]

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Moving Expenses for Tax Deductions

If you moved because for a job in 2015 or moved your business last year, you can deduct moving expenses from your taxes, according to the IRS. Moving is a major life event, and as with just about any major life event, there are tax consequences. In this case, many of them can be in […]

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