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Looking back…

Taking a trip down memory lane today. Found these photos and felt like sharing. The picture of A.C. Jr. ….elected to the United Van Lines board in 1963, one of 18 from around the country, a big honor in the industry at the time. Truck 853-635: I remember it well, including the time I got […]

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The Future IS Even Better

Here’s an excerpt from The Unifier from February of 1962. It focuses in on our partnership with United Van Lines. Having partners, allies, and friends in the business keep us better connected and pushes us to be a better company and provide a better service. “Future Will Be Even Better” In view of the rapid […]

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Nice to meet you! We’re A.C. White.

Wouldn’t you say that a family-owned business is one that you trust more? We feel that when a whole family invests in a business together, it’s no longer just a business, but an extension of the family. From the beginning, A.C. White has held itself to high standards, loyalty, integrity, and honesty. In 1926, our […]

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