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Summer Moving Tips

Are you ready to make a big move this summer? It may be something you’re worried about due to the time it takes or simply the hard work that goes into it. Whether you are moving your business or home, the process is a big one, involving the collaboration of many people. With a plan […]

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Relocating Your Business – It’s Easier Than It Looks

Moving a business is pure stress, but with A. C. White, the process is simplified, efficient, and hassle-free. As one of Georgia’s oldest moving and storage companies, we’ve got a few tricks up our sleeve to make moving your business as easy as possible. When your business needs a moving company, give us a call. […]

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People are on the Move in Atlanta

After a lengthy downturn through 2020, the housing market in Atlanta has bounced back in record time. More people than ever are now on the move, looking to buy a starter home or upgrade their digs to something a little bigger. Either way, the competition is fierce, and the market likely only get more competitive […]

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Relocating During a Pandemic

The pandemic has impacted all of our lives in one form or another. From the frequency of washing our hands to where we work, we’ve all had to make adjustments. The pandemic has many of us facing potentially life-changing moves. But is it safe to make a move during the pandemic? Are there aspects to […]

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Preparing for your Move

Preparing for a move can be overwhelming, especially if your new home is far from your old one. Fortunately, with some advance planning, you can make this process much simpler and easier. Below are some tips to help you prepare for your move to Atlanta with as little stress and expense as possible.  Planning a […]

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2021 Guide to Moving to Atlanta

Moving to Atlanta is a very exciting time. It’s one of the most dynamic cities of the south. And there’s plenty of beautiful parks, sports teams and fine restaurants. Atlanta is also home to some of the nation’s best schools and has an abundance of neighborhoods with a very family-friendly vibe. Enjoy the Beautiful Park […]

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Moving to Atlanta: Things to Know

At A.C. White Relocations, we’ve been helping people move to and move within Atlanta since 1926. Over the four generations that we’ve assisted with relocations, we’ve certainly learned a lot about the city and Greater Atlanta area. If you’re expecting to move here in the coming weeks or months, here are some things to know […]

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Moving in a Pandemic

If you need to move during the pandemic, don’t worry. Your Atlanta moving company services are considered essential and there is plenty of help available for you during your move. To stay safe, take the following precautions. If you employ the services of movers, it is vital to ensure that both you and the moving […]

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Moving During a Pandemic

The novel coronavirus has put an end to the normal routines of most people. Some states now even have a curfew of 10:00 pm to 5:00 am. You cannot be out unless it’s for food, medical or work during that time period. And while social distancing is the now thing, moving is not something that […]

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Moving hassle? Not with us!

The moving process can be rife with pitfalls. Knowing what the potential pitfalls are is the best way to avoid falling into them. Here are some common moving pitfalls and how to sidestep each one! Many people get so excited at the prospect of moving that they fail to leave enough time to plan the […]

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