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Unpacking Tips and Tricks

Unpacking can feel like a heavy burden to bear. You just packed everything up, and it’s already time to unload it! To make unloading the best experience possible, follow these easy tips and tricks from our experienced Atlanta movers:

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Make Your Move Easier by Donating Older Items

If you are in the moving process, you may find yourself putting things into boxes that make you think, “Why am I keeping this?” or “Am I really ever going to wear this again?” If you find that you no longer have a use for your items, your Atlanta moving company recommends donating! Starting fresh at […]

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Make a New Place Feel Like Home, Fast

Generally, the weather in the wintertime makes everything feel gloomy. After a move, you don’t want that kind of weather to bring you down and make you feel like your new place isn’t a home. With these quick tips from your local Atlanta movers, you can make your new house feel like a home in […]

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Moving Myths That May Be Costing You Money

Since you started the moving process, you have probably gotten a lot of advice or heard a lot of things that may or may not be accurate. A.C. White Atlanta moving company wants to break down a list of myths that could be costing you money that you don’t want to spend or time that you do […]

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Know Your Storage Needs Before Renting a Space

There are several factors you should consider before deciding on a storage company. As an Atlanta moving company with nearly 90 years of experience in the relocation and storage industry, we are more than familiar with what these factors are. Answer the questions below accurately and you will have a fairly good idea of the […]

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Make a Checklist for Move-In Day

Moving day is coming up and you do not have the slightest clue how to proceed. You already placed a call to your Atlanta moving contractor and the date has been set, yet you have this unsettling doubt as to whether you are ready for the big day. Having worked in this industry for nearly […]

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Mind-Blowing Savings Tips To Accommodate Your 2015 Commercial Moving Budget

The new year is here, and business is booming. If your company is expanding to a new office space soon, it is high time to start planning. Last-minute scheduling, packing and employee notifications are ill-advised as they only serve to cause unnecessary stress. By making the necessary arrangements early on, such as determining which Atlanta moving […]

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Moving in the New Year? Tips for Relocating in 2015

No one enjoys moving in Atlanta, at least the technical side of things. Moving to a new town or house can be very exciting, but the process from getting from point A to B is not so much fun. Unexpected circumstances, rushed deadlines and the general stress and tension that comes with transporting all of […]

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Ensuring Your Valuables Travel Safely

Everything seemed to be going so well with your Atlanta move. You were prepared and organized and hired a reputable moving company to transport your worldly possessions from point A to B. There was just one problem though — you did not know how to properly pack your valuables. So, it therefore came as a […]

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Advice for a Rainy or Snowy Moving Day

Ask just about anyone what their biggest fear is when it comes to moving in Atlanta, and most will say doing so in inclement weather. Sure, we get plenty of warm, sunny days in the South, but rain and snow are not entirely out of the question. 

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