What Should I Not Pack When Moving?

As seasoned Atlanta movers with nearly nine decades of experience in the industry, we have packed, crated, stored and shipped just about every household item you can imagine. Grand pianos, heirloom doll houses, antique furniture pieces, priceless paintings and irreplaceable family portraits – we’ve moved them all and so much more. Some of our customers are surprised when we tell them that there are certain items they should not pack or even take with them on their move. Below is a list of some of these items.


About a week or two before your move, stop stocking up on fresh food items and start consuming the contents of your refrigerator. If you’re moving just a couple of hours away, you could put fresh items in a cooler in your car if you can spare the room. Otherwise, consume or give away any leftover food items that need refrigeration.

Useless Objects

This may sound obvious, but some people do pack clothes that are too small or old to be worn, shoes that their children have outgrown, toys that no one plays with anymore, etc. Lighten your load (and save money at the same time) by getting rid of any and all items that no one in your family needs or uses any more.

Dangerous Items

There are certain objects that you are not even allowed to take with you on your move. These would include explosives, loaded weapons and flammable and corrosive items such as acids, chemicals, fertilizers, cleaning fluid and batteries. You should neither pack these items nor take them with you in your vehicle. The Environmental Protection Agency has a list of these banned items. Check their website for a full itemization as well as to learn how you can dispose of them properly or recycle them safely.


Scan vital documents such as medical and school records, deeds, bank or investment certificates, etc., before your move. Then place the actual documents in a box that is appropriately labeled. Take them along with you in your vehicle or carry-on luggage if you’re flying to your new destination. Pack the electronic copy separately. If you’re moving with a furry four-legged member of your family, make sure you include their important documents as well.

If you’re looking for reliable residential or commercial movers in Atlanta, look no further. We are an Atlanta moving company with extensive experience in the industry as well as the logistical know-how and resources to help make your transition as smooth and stress-free as possible. We can help you move delicate musical instruments, sensitive laboratory equipment and expensive antiques. As long-time office movers in Atlanta, we can also assist you with records management and Atlanta data storage.

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