Nice to meet you! We’re A.C. White.

Wouldn’t you say that a family-owned business is one that you trust more? We feel that when a whole family invests in a business together, it’s no longer just a business, but an extension of the family. From the beginning, A.C. White has held itself to high standards, loyalty, integrity, and honesty. In 1926, our founder, Archie C. White Sr. opened for business in Marietta, Georgia with a single truck to get the job done. Within that first year, hard work paid off. Archie bought another truck from a local blacksmith shop, in which a van type-body was built. A pioneering spirit behind the family business fostered growth. Not long after opening for business, he had new office space and an extensive program of developing new and improved methods of handling and caring for furniture.

From special equipment like the “Safe Guard” van, experienced driver personnel, and warehouse and equipment upgrades, A.C. White launched a forerunning system for anticipating and solving moving day problems … in advance. Incomparable customer service was (and still is) a must! One of our representatives would visit the clients’ homes and “blue print” the layout. This helped in planning how to pack and load every item so everything about the move goes like clockwork.

From then until now, the growth hasn’t stopped. We’ve expanded, broadened our horizons and become a well-established and dependable company people look to for reliable and safe transport of their items that make their houses homes.




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