Moving Your Office

Have you been put in charge of moving your office? Commercial office moves can be stressful. There is heavy office equipment to move, like wide-format printers, servers and computers, without damaging delicate inside mechanisms. There are file cabinets containing sensitive information to be moved in a secure manner and without disorganizing the contents. When you have the help of your experienced moving company, A.C. White, moving your office becomes a much more manageable process.

The Challenges of Moving Your Office

Aside from avoiding equipment damage and keeping files in order, one of the main challenges of moving your office is not disrupting the workflow of the office. In a good office move, employee work is as uninterrupted as possible. Customer service should continue as usual. This is another way that A.C. White can be of help with moving your office.

Consultation and Planning

First, a member of the A.C. White relocation specialists team will come to your office to survey the contents and equipment that needs to be moved. This ensures that an effective plan can be made that will get the job done in as smooth a manner as possible, with as little down time as possible.

The Heavy Lifting

Our personnel are trained to do all the heavy lifting and manual labor for you. Our movers understand how sensitive your office’s electronic equipment is. Therefore, you can rely on A.C. White to not only provide all of the labor involved in moving your office, but also to move it in such a way that maximizes safety and security. From the large items to the smaller items in your office, you can rely on A.C. White to get your entire office moved.


Another challenge to moving your office is getting reconnected once you’re in the new commercial office. Reconnecting and reconfiguring the network is a challenge that your IT department will be able to handle. However, making sure that the equipment is in the right place in the new premises is something that A.C. White can help with. Since organization and efficiency are our specialties, we can help to ensure that your IT department has everything they need right where they need it.

Moving your office is something that doesn’t have to take weeks of down time. With the assistance of A.C. White, it’s possible to stay up and running until the actual day of your move. This ensures a seamless transition from one location to the next. Contact the commercial moving experts of A. C. White today!

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