Moving to Atlanta: Things to Know

At A.C. White Relocations, we’ve been helping people move to and move within Atlanta since 1926. Over the four generations that we’ve assisted with relocations, we’ve certainly learned a lot about the city and Greater Atlanta area. If you’re expecting to move here in the coming weeks or months, here are some things to know about the city we love so much.

285 Separates Inside and Outside Atlanta

Atlanta’s metro area and the region’s suburbs are separated by 285, which is referred to as the 285 Perimeter Beltway. You’ll live either inside the perimeter (ITP) or outside the perimeter (OTP), and those are the terms that locals use.

Inside the perimeter is an urban setting that’s generally well-designed to support the metropolitan lifestyle. You can choose from multiple pedestrian-friendly neighborhoods, and many have good access to public transit. While you’ll likely still want to own a car, there are many places you can go without a vehicle and driving commutes ITP are much shorter.

Outside the perimeter is known for two main features — lower home prices and better schools. These characteristics make OTP living preferable to many families, although there certainly are lots of families inside the perimeter and singles who live outside of it. In some OTP neighborhoods, you can also find neighborhood amenities such as tennis courts and swimming pools. The trade-offs are that public transit isn’t as accessible and your commute will likely be longer.

Atlanta Has 3 Main Neighborhoods and Other Peripheral Ones

Atlanta has three main neighborhoods that get most of the attention, but there are some other ones worth considering as well. The three main neighborhoods in the city are:

  • Buckhead, which is the northernmost fifth of the city and has multiple smaller residential neighborhoods
  • Midtown, which has several smaller residential neighborhoods and a college-town feel thanks to Georgia Tech
  • Downtown, which has some residential neighborhoods amidst commercial and business districts

Other neighborhood terms that you may hear include Northwest Atlanta, Southeast Atlanta, Southwest Atlanta, East Side and West Midtown. All of these have their own feel and perks.

Rush-Hour Traffic Is Often Severe

Even though Atlanta has a decent inside-the-perimeter mass transit system, most people still have cars and many use them as their primary mode of transit. This results in some of the worst rush-hour traffic in the country.

Make sure you account for rush-hour traffic when you’re choosing what neighborhood to live in. If you work with a job with standard hours, look for a residence that’s close to your place of work. If you work odd hours, you might be able to live a little farther from your place of work.

Go with the Experienced Atlanta Moving Company

If you need a moving company to help with your relocation to Atlanta, go with us. We’ve been a family-owned business in the area for four generations, and we’ll take good care of both you and your belongings as you come to the city.

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