Moving To Atlanta in 2019

Atlanta is more than just the capital city in the great state of Georgia – as of 2018, it’s also been declared the third fastest-growing metro area in the United States. Nearly 90,650 people moved in the area in 2017 alone, and the city’s population ballooned to about 486,000 people during the same period and hovers around 6 million when including the entire metro area. Only Dallas/Fort Worth and Houston exceeded these numbers.

A large part of this has to do with recent job growth in Atlanta, particularly in the suburban areas like Forsyth and Paulding counties. All told, the region added about 77,000 jobs in 2017 – coming in at third place among the country’s 12 largest metro areas in terms of this type of growth.

People are coming from all over the country to live in Atlanta, and there’s a chance that you’re among them. Because of that, there are a few key things you’ll want to keep in mind once you arrive.

Atlanta, Georgia: The Story So Far

One of the things that a lot of people don’t realize about Atlanta is that it has a gross domestic product of $385 billion – making it the tenth largest economy in the country and among the top 20 anywhere in the world. Atlanta is the global headquarters of a wide range of large corporations, including notable names like Coca-Cola, Home Depot, Delta Air Lines, UPS and more.

In fact, nearly 75% of Fortune 1000 companies conduct business in Atlanta in some capacity.

Living in Atlanta: Trends and More

You’ll also be pleased to know that the culture in Atlanta is a strong one, offering a wide variety of attractions and points of interest that are more than worth checking out once your move is complete. The area is home to both the Atlanta Opera and the Atlanta Ballet. It’s also become a national center for cinema and television production in recent years, having served as a stand-in for New York City and other locations in a number of hit films including “Captain America: Civil War,” “Black Panther,” “Avengers: Infinity War” and of course, the hit AMC television series “The Walking Dead.”

To make sure that your move to Atlanta goes as smoothly as possible, it’s important to find the right partner to handle the logistics side of the equation. To find out more about moving to Atlanta, or to get assistance with even the most challenging of moves that you might have before you, please don’t delay – contact A.C. White Relocations today.

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