Moving Tips for Empty Nesters

As an empty nester, it can feel daunting to plan the move you have always dreamed about. Sure, it would be amazing to downsize, move to the ocean or build the house of your dreams, but how can you? Your life and your possessions are settled in one place. The idea of packing up boxes, transporting family memorabilia and driving a U-Haul across country seems impossible. The stress begins to build, and so you begin to give up. There is just no way you can do it all on your own. …

Luckily, with one simple click now you can get all the help you need to make your moving dream a reality. Simply call A.C. White, one of the south’s largest moving and storage companies, and let them put together your own customized moving plan.

Thinking about staying in state, great! What about moving to another city or country? No problem! A.C. White also has worldwide moving resources.

The Plan

First, A.C. White will give you a ballpark quote. Then, a company expert will come to your house to estimate the size and weight of your belongings. From there, this expert will create your customized moving report. From packing to unpacking, auto transport and increased protection, A.C. White does it all.

Have too many belongs and not enough time to plan a garage sale? No problem. A.C. White also provides storage facilities with climate control and security. With comprehensive transportation and warehousing solution, A.C. White will make sure all of your electronics, refrigerated goods, art and family heirlooms are safe and sound.

The trick with a move is to always have a plan. With A.C. White’s customized moving report, now your move will be organized without the stress or hassle.

Don’t wait — it’s time to stop dreaming and start moving. With a plan, the journey to your new home is bound to be a success!

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