Moving with Pets Shouldn’t Be ‘Ruff’

Moving is stressful enough for people, but it’s hard on pets, too. In our many years as successful Georgia movers, we have eased the relocation of many beloved pets. Take advantage of our experience in the moving industry and read our tips below. Keep them in mind as you take your pet with you to your new life. They may just help make the transition easier for every member of your family, especially your furry, four-footed friends.

Identification Tags

Update the information on your pet’s ID tag and include your cell phone number in case they get separated from you along the way. It might also be a good idea to have a recent photo of your pet with you. It would help find him or her in case he or she wanders away. You might want to consider having a microchip implanted in your pet with all your contact information. Most airports and major train and bus stations have a way to electronically retrieve the information contained on the chip.

Plan Your Trip in Advance

If your new home is several driving days away, make sure you plan your trip well in advance. Not all hotels take in pets. Find pet-friendly hotels and restaurants along the route you want to take. Try to locate dog parks or even just open areas along the way. Your pet needs to stretch and let off some pent-up energy after long hours of being cooped up in a car.

Maintain Your Pet’s Schedule

Try to keep your pet on the same feeding, exercise and sleeping schedule. It will minimize their anxiety about being in strange places. Give them extra attention and care whenever you check into a hotel for the night. Most animals are sensitive to their surroundings and need to be reassured in places and situations that they are not familiar with.

Pack a Pet Bag

Include your pet’s food and medicines, their favorite toys and treats and anything else that will give them a sense of home. Pack food and water bowls, a first aid kit, plastic bags to pick up after them and paper towels. Make sure you place this bag within easy reach in your vehicle.

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