Moving in a Pandemic

If you need to move during the pandemic, don’t worry. Your Atlanta moving company services are considered essential and there is plenty of help available for you during your move. To stay safe, take the following precautions.

Follow CDC Guidelines

If you employ the services of movers, it is vital to ensure that both you and the moving company abide by the guidelines set forth by the CDC. We can assure you that we are up to date on all the regulations put forth by the CDC.

Even though the current federal rules permit movers to continue with normal operations, it’s important to maintain personal safety, which includes social distancing. Help your movers to follow CDC guidelines by giving them plenty of personal space in which to do their work.

Provide PPE to Moving Crew

Our company will make sure the moving crew wears the necessary PPE. We encourage our team to wash their hands regularly, which in turn minimizes the risks of transferring the virus if present. If there is no running water and soap, we will providing the crew with alcohol-based hand sanitizer.

You may do your part by wiping down doorknobs and other places, or keep doors open to minimize touching of door hardware.

Ask for Virtual Paperwork

Limit the number of people who will help you with the moving process. One way to do this is by asking for virtual paperwork from your moving company. We are utilizing technology through this pandemic, offering email for communication – rather than reviewing hard paper copies. Doing this will help you and the moving company crew to minimize coming into personal contact, thereby reducing the risk of virus transmission.

Keep Kids in Quarantine

Ordinarily, kids love to interact and “help” on moving day. It’s as exciting for them as it is for you! However, when there’s a pandemic, it’s smarter to keep kids quarantined in a separate room while the movers are working. Kids are less likely to wash or sanitize hands and they can readily spread germs. Station your children in a separate room with light entertainment so they won’t be tempted to come out. Keep items in the room that you’ll be personally bringing in your own car. Post a note on the door informing movers not to open or knock on the door.

Skip the Housewarming Party

Having a house warming party is a good tradition normally. It not only helps you settle into your new neighborhood but also helps you and your new neighbors become acquainted. However, this is less practical when there is a pandemic. Social distancing rules dictate that you eliminate contact as much as possible while upholding high levels of hygiene. Save the housewarming party for a later date when the pandemic has been declared no longer a threat.

Limit Packing Help

Don’t have the friends/family help you pack or enlist your moving company to do the packing. The traditional “moving party” isn’t smart to do at a time like this, either. This might slow the process of packing, but it will help keep you stay. Limiting people who help you pack ensures the social distancing rule has been followed, and in turn, the risk of spreading the virus has been reduced to the bare minimum.

Moving during the pandemic might seem like a challenging task to pull off, but people are doing it every day. All you need to do is to abide by the CDC regulations and use common sense. If you need help with your move, please contact our top Atlanta moving company today!

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