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The moving process can be rife with pitfalls. Knowing what the potential pitfalls are is the best way to avoid falling into them. Here are some common moving pitfalls and how to sidestep each one!

Not Leaving Enough Time to Plan Your Move

Many people get so excited at the prospect of moving that they fail to leave enough time to plan the actual move. Figuring out how to pack and what to pack shouldn’t be the first thing that you do. The very first thing you should do once your move is decided is to book your moving company. The reason for this is that the moving company is taking new bookings every day. By the time you get around to calling, it’s possible that your best moving dates are already taken. So be sure to hop on the phone as soon as possible to schedule your actual move date!

Failing to Downsize First

Whether you’re moving from an apartment or a seven-bedroom house, odds are you’ve accumulated a lot of items that you don’t necessarily want to bring with you to your next place. Instead of packing and moving things that you don’t really want anymore, take the time to downsize and get rid of extraneous items. You could hold a yard sale, donate to charity or give items to friends and family members. Doing this important step will help you to avoid the pitfall of unnecessary packing of things you don’t even want.

Not Labeling Boxes

Another common moving pitfall is not labeling moving boxes. When you have many boxes, it can feel very tedious and time consuming to label every single one. But you shouldn’t allow yourself to go without labeling boxes. First, you want to label the boxes according to what room they go in. Next, if an item is delicate, you need to mark the box as “fragile.” Finally, if the items inside need to stay positioned in a certain direction, it’s important that you use an arrow to designate the “up” position. This will save items from breaking and make your move-in process go so much more smoothly.

Hiring Unprofessional Movers

Finally, the biggest pitfall of all is to hire movers who aren’t professionals. Avoid hiring off of online forums or hiring friends of friends of friends. Too often, places and people like this end up being no-shows, or they don’t bother moving your boxes with care.

When you hire professional movers like A.C. White, you can avoid these common moving pitfalls. Why not call us today to get a quote and book your moving day?

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