Moving Equipment from Your Home Gym

Owning a home gym is very rewarding and offers a wealth of benefits. You can workout whenever you wish, you don’t have to pay expensive membership fees and you can invite friends or professionals to work out in your home. Really, the only downside comes when you eventually have to transport all that weight from one place to the next. Dumbbells, barbells, cable systems and benches can be a major burden to transport if you do not know how to do so properly. Safety is obviously a top concern with these items, so make sure you have plenty of help on hand come your Atlanta moving day.

Safety First

Your exercise equipment is probably the heaviest item in the house. Attempting to transport these items alone is dangerous and unwise, not to mention time-consuming. At least ask a friend or two for assistance. Of course, hiring a professional moving company is the safest and most efficient option since the movers will have specialty gear available for making the transition a smooth iStock_000012923153_Mediumone.

Follow Instructions

Make sure to read the manufacturer’s dis-assembly/assembly instructions instead of trying to wing it. Most product manuals can be downloaded digitally if you misplaced the original paperwork. Remember to store all nuts and bolts in a marked plastic bag or box – the last thing you want to do is lose your exercise equipment’s hardware. Since weight benches, especially those equipped with cables and pulleys, are rather confusing to set up, another great tip is to take photos during the tear down phase that you can reference later.

Pack with Purpose

Secure all moving parts before stowing the equipment in the truck, and be sure that any and all free weights are kept away from furniture and fragile items. Mobile iron does not fare well with wood and glass, so you may want to transport your exercise gear on a separate trip. Our movers in Atlanta have performed many residential relocation jobs, and a number of those have included the relocation of home gyms. Let our staff do the hard work so you can focus on the other important aspects of your move.

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