Moving to College Advice

You’re starting college and moving to a dorm for the first time – how exciting! As seasoned Atlanta movers, we know this time can be full of anxiety as well. We have assisted in thousands of moves in our more than nine decades of being in business, and we have seen firsthand how stressful and nerve-racking relocating can be, especially when you’ll be living on your own for the first time.

As a long-time Georgia moving company, we’ve accumulated a lot of insider knowledge, including these tips to help make transitioning to college a less anxiety-laden and more fun experience.

Arm Yourself with Information

Find out as much as you can about your new living quarters before you move in. What appliances will the college provide, if any? Will there be a cable hook-up? Will you be allowed to cook in your dorm? The more you know about the place you’re moving into, the better and wiser you can pack.

Get To Know Your Roommate

Most colleges encourage prospective roommates to get in touch with one another prior to moving in. That way, you can settle any rooming issues before the actual move-in day. Decide which appliances each one of you can bring, if needed. Does she prefer sleeping next to the window? Is he okay with taking the lower bunk? The more issues like these you settle before you move in together, the smoother the start of your life as roommates will be.

Follow the Schedule

Universities go to a lot of trouble to plan move-in day so it is as stress-free for everyone as possible. Arrive early so you can stick to the schedule. Arriving early also means you get to choose the most convenient parking space to make your move easier.

Bring Cleaning Materials

Most colleges make sure their dorms are in good condition and ready to welcome the students. Bring cleaning supplies and paper towels when you move in just in case. This way you’ll be ready for anything. Make sure you take note of broken fixtures, missing wall plates, stains, etc., and let your RA know so you won’t be charged for these items at the end of the term.

You can count on us to help you deal with any type of relocation. Our experience as successful residential and commercial movers in Atlanta is your best guarantee of a problem-free move. If you’re looking for an Alpharetta moving company, call us; we can assist you in your move from that area as well. We can also help you and your office with records management and Atlanta data storage. A.C. White is the answer for all your moving needs.


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