Moving Box Exchange, a New Moving Trend

No matter how near or far your new living place is, belongings have to be packed up. Packing materials, including boxes, plastic wrap, packing peanuts (polystyrene or biodegradable), old newspaper or brown paper, can push moving costs into the ‘unpleasant’ column. A moving box exchange is one way to bring those costs into the ‘reasonable’ category.

What is a Moving Box Exchange?

The concept is pretty straightforward. A moving box exchange is a way to get moving boxes from one household that has already moved and has boxes to get rid of to a household that is going to be moving and needs boxes. The boxes involved are used, but they’re in good condition. The exchange can be free, cost a little bit of money or can entail bartering. Even if saving money is not your top priority,impacting our environment in a positive way by reusing and recycling moving supplies might appeal to you. Searching the Internet for needed resources is a great way to find moving box exchanges.iStock_000050423134_Small

How it Works

Usually, the folks who want the boxes do all the running around to pick them up. If it’s a transaction between individuals, face-to-face contact may have to happen, especially if money or barter items are involved. Depending on where you are, some companies will deliver boxes to you.

Your Next Step

Using a moving box exchange is a good way to get cheap or free moving boxes, keeping in mind that they’re used. Then, you need to pack your stuff so it can travel safely and securely, whether it’s to another city, state or country, or just to another unit in the same apartment complex.

Once it’s packed, your stuff has to be physically moved. If your moving plans include the state of Georgia in any way, contact A.C. White Relocations for help, information or both.

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