Moving Antiques

When planning a move, one of the things that many people are most nervous about is how their antiques will fare. Not only do these items have significant monetary value, but often sentimental and historic significance as well. Because of their age, antiques are likely more fragile than your regular furniture. For all of these reasons, they require special handling and protection.

Our moving company has 85 years of experience moving specialty items, including artwork, musical instruments and wine collections. We have moved entire museum collections and exhibits, so we know about the special care required for our clients’ antiques. Our moving procedures for valuable items are as unique as the items themselves.

If we will be moving your antiques, be sure to inform your moving coordinator when you first discuss the move. He or she can provide advice and special packing supplies to help ensure a safe journey to your new home, or to a storage facility. In addition to our moving services, we provide secure, climate-controlled self-storage and other storage facilities.

Get an Appraisal

Before you move antiques or any items of extremely high value, have them appraised by at least one qualified appraiser. Not only is this essential for the move, but if you change insurance companies when you move, you will need to verify the value of your personal property for your new homeowner’s policy. Your insurance agent should be able to recommend a qualified appraiser. You can also consult the American Society of Appraisers at

In addition to obtaining an appraisal, make sure you have clear photographic documentation of your antiques. Many people use a video camera to make a video inventory of the contents of each room.

Get a Protection Plan

As one of the founding agents of United Van Lines and one of their partners, we provide our clients with United’s High-Value Inventory Form for items valued at more than $100 per pound. It is essential that you use this form to ensure that you get United full Wingspan Protection℠ for these items. Provide as much detail on the form as possible, including things like serial numbers, signatures (for example, on a baseball or other item that is valuable because of a signature on it), and any other details about what makes the item valuable (for example, if a book is a first edition). Discuss the appraised value of the items with your moving coordinator, so that we can ensure that you have the appropriate protection plan for your needs.

Packing and Moving

When you get a cost estimate of the move from us, be sure to point out all highly valuable or fragile items to your moving coordinator. In addition to antiques, this includes fine china and silver, grandfather clocks, wine collections, artwork, musical instruments, high-value electronics and any items of great sentimental value. We can build special crates to fit the items and help protect them from damage, but this takes some time, so we need to know in advance about the items.

If we are packing your antiques, it is important that you or another adult be present to identify the items that need special handling. Our Atlanta movers may need to ask questions, so make sure someone is there who can answer them. The same goes for moving day. Besides, most people feel better if they can see their valuables being packed and loaded onto the van.

When the Antiques are Delivered

When your items arrive at their new home, carefully check the actual items against the inventory list before you sign for receipt. If anything is missing or damaged, notify your move coordinator immediately for assistance in filing a claim. Naturally, our Atlanta, Macon, Savannah and Columbus movers do everything we can to ensure that all of your items, no matter the value, are moved with care and arrive at your new home in the same condition in which they left.

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