How to Move with Children in Tow

Moving with children is rarely fun. Whether your hauling a cranky toddler or a pack of unruly teenagers, the moving specialists at A.C White can help by alleviating some of the stress.

Make Your Atlanta Move with the Kiddos Easy

A simple move across town is not all that bad as far as transportation goes, but this is only part of the experience. Things like organizing, packing and making sure the children’s toys do not get left behind can be tough, but with a little faith and some help from your trusted Atlanta movers, it will be over before you know it!

With a few simple tips, you can rest easy knowing your move is not going to be riddled with tension. If you have small children, be wary of telling them too early in advance or going into excessive detail about the move. For toddlers and preschool-aged children, the thought of moving to a new home can be overwhelming and confusing, particularly if the plans fall through. Keep the details brief and age-appropriate.

When it comes to telling teenagers, be as honest as possible and be prepared for an onslaught of questions. Changing schools is a big deal and not one your children are likely to take lightly. The discussion will be best handled in a formal sit-down setting. Ease them into the conversation but be honest about what they should expect.

After everything has been packed and by the time moving day finally arrives, there are a few things to consider. Again, lengthy trips require more preparation, namely keeping your little ones from going stir crazy in a car for hours on end. It is at this point that you may want to consider investing in a portable DVD player. Digital entertainment is a great way to pass the times and help keep young children calm.

Remember to stop at rest stops every so often so that all passengers can get out, stretch their legs and have a moment of relaxation. Pit stop intervals will obviously need to be increased for families with infants, so plan your Atlanta moving trip accordingly.

Perhaps most importantly when it comes to making life easier, have our Atlanta movers handle the loading, unloading and transportation aspects will allow you more time to focus on your children. We know how hard it can be to juggle these responsibilities with kids, so call us today to help make your move as smooth as possible.

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