Mind-Blowing Savings Tips To Accommodate Your 2015 Commercial Moving Budget

The new year is here, and business is booming. If your company is expanding to a new office space soon, it is high time to start planning. Last-minute scheduling, packing and employee notifications are ill-advised as they only serve to cause unnecessary stress.

By making the necessary arrangements early on, such as determining which Atlanta moving contractor to use for the big day, your company can save a ton of money. Let A.C. White help keep your budget in order and make that big office relocation simple and painless.

Your Commercial Move Doesn’t Have To Be Costly

Behind every successful moving operation is a sound plan and strategy. Adequate preparation is key here, and that means taking into account every possible factor that could affect your company’s upcoming move. Whether the new office is down the street or more of a long-distance trip, you need to stick to the three essential phases: packing/prepping, travel and new setup.

Make a thorough, detailed list of which items in your office are going to stay and which ones will be transported to the new facility. If your company is intending on upgrading employee cubicles, computers and other hardware, make the necessary arrangements for the transition in advance. Donate or sell the old equipment in the weeks prior.

The next thing to do is contact Atlanta moving companies that specialize in commercial jobs. Make sure the one you choose is licensed, insured and flexible with your company’s schedule. Unlike homeowners, business owners cannot afford to be offline for any longer than they have to be since their clients’ needs do not automatically stop because of the relocation.

You can save a lot of time and money by having your Atlanta movers handle the setup process. Think of the long-term benefits. The quicker your new office is up and running, the sooner you can get back to serving your customers! Do not forget to track every moving expense either as there are plenty of items you can write off on business taxes at the end of the year.

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