Make a New Place Feel Like Home, Fast

Generally, the weather in the wintertime makes everything feel gloomy. After a move, you don’t want that kind of weather to bring you down and make you feel like your new place isn’t a home.

With these quick tips from your local Atlanta movers, you can make your new house feel like a home in no time!


Clean everything! Vacuum, mop, sweep and scrub. Feeling clean in your new home is refreshing and a great place to start.

Make Your Bed

This may seem so simple but put your frame together and put on your bed linens. Many people associate home with a relaxed and familiar feeling. Your bed can give you just that!

Turn On the Lights

You don’t want your new home to feel dark and unfamiliar. By plugging in a few lamps and switching on a few lights, you will brighten everything up and make it more positive and homey.

Set Up your Bathroom

Put all of your essentials in your bathroom, and set it up exactly how you like it. By doing this, you are keeping your routine together. Staying in tune with routines that are familiar to you will make you feel more at home.

Play Music

Put on your favorite tunes and start unpacking those boxes. We recommend music that makes you feel energetic and happy.

Set Up Your Internet

When you need a break from unpacking, it can be nice to spend a little time online to decompress and relax. Update everyone on your move or maybe see if some friends in the area can come help!

Go Grocery Shopping and Cook

A home-cooked meal is just the the ticket to making you feel at home. Make a beloved family recipe and stock up on all the essentials you will need. Having a nice, warm meal will help you wind down for a night of wonderful sleep, in that newly made bed of yours, in your brand new home.

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