Make Your Move Easier by Donating Older Items

If you are in the moving process, you may find yourself putting things into boxes that make you think, “Why am I keeping this?” or “Am I really ever going to wear this again?”

If you find that you no longer have a use for your items, your Atlanta moving company recommends donating! Starting fresh at your new place with a lighter load is truly a great feeling.

Starting the New Year Clutter Free

A common New Year’s resolution is to clean up the clutter.

There is no better time than when you are moving to get started on the de-cluttering process.

Don’t forget this little perk: Donating is tax deductible! Getting ahead on your taxes for the next year will be a bonus when tax season rolls around.

Consider the variety of items you will be donating when sorting through your belongings. When you break the list down by the rooms in your home, you are ultimately making your load much lighter for your big move. Think about the attic, the basement and the bedrooms. There could be clothing, books, old toys and more that you no longer need nor use that are just waiting to be donated.

There are so many different outlets that are looking to accept donations in your area. Whether it be a thrift store, a soup kitchen, a church, a school or other non-profit organizations. They will be more than happy to accept your donated items.

A great way to ring in the new year is by giving back to the community. Since you are moving, donating your items to benefit someone else is a great way to pay it forward. As one of the most trusted moving companies in Alpharetta, GA, we know that getting rid of the extra clutter will leave you feeling much better and make your move simpler.

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